Pokem iPhone & iPad Game

As leading Melbourne App Developers we always enjoy a challenge and love working with great customers to bring their app ideas to life.

Pokem started out as a simple but great idea on our customers Android notepad! After 6 months development of 30 Developers unique & challenging levels we started final testing in readiness for launch.

Pokem uses the cheap mlb jerseys scientific functions of the iPhone and iPad to provide a simple but very challenging game for users of all ages. We’re not going to give to much cheap jerseys away pre-launch but get ready MuhmadEmad for Powering what we believe is a great game. Here one of the finished screen shots.

Pokem also leverages social media with gamers able to post their personal best scores on facebook and challenge friends to beat their score, similar the principles of the game simple, cool, wholesale nfl jerseys groovy and great fun – we Shirley hope you cheap jerseys enjoy it!