iPhone Hologram Apps, no more science fiction

iPhone Hologram Apps – no more science fiction

Yoda iPhone hologram Apps Appwriter How about this for some nerdy fun make your own 3D iPhone hologram apps just like Star Wars but using your own iPhone – it was always going to happen, this will be bigger than food photos.

People have bee using their smartphones to create 3D holograms, and the results are pretty eye-catching. See for yourself.

Pretty sure it won’t be long before this becomes a craze and is already going viral.

Once you’ve made your diy projector use links to display 3D videos.


Free template:http://goo.gl/rU8xI6 How to make your own iPhone Hologram Apps

Jelly fish Example

Ironman 3D iphone hologram apps

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Want to read more try this youtube clip.