We create 360 Degree VR solutions

Based in Melbourne we have been creating virtual reality apps and augmented reality apps for retailers and marketing companies for several years. More recently we have added 360 degree VR as a service also available to our clients. Over the last 2 years development costs have reduced drastically so it has now become accessible for the events we all experience in everyday life – travel experiences, real estate sales, birthday celebrations and much more to be captured quickly and easily using the latest state of the art technology to provide truly immersive customer experiences.

The process is very simple as we work with you to understand your objectives and what you want capturing in 360 degrees and if you want to capture videos or images. Once we understand your objectives we can then plan the best way to capture your very own 360 degree footage ready for editing.

Similar to a standard photographer we can take several informal 360 degree images then allow you to select the ones that you want to promote. We can then also offer to add music or create a walk through of the images to your own design!

The 360 images and technology are super effective in creating a fully immersive experience. Viewing 360 images and video is now also very easy with no special equipment required with browsers like Chrome and social medial platforms like Facebook all investing heavily to support 360 videos and imagery.

For those of you who want to push the boundaries even further the images and videos can even be experienced using a virtual reality (VR) headset to look around your event, product or experience.

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